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Bo Wins Archery Division – Quality Glass from Argos Binos makes a big difference!

From John Pipes:

“Great weekend in Paris, TX. at the Western Region Shootout. This is a tri- state ASA qualifier and usually has the highest attendance of any qualifier in the nation, this year being almost 300 Archers. Bo won with a score of 314 9x and I finished men’s hunter in 5th with a 300 7x.

Thank you Athlon Optics, without our Athlon Argos binoculars this would not be possible. Thank you for all your support and for making such great products that help us reach out goals and keep winning.”




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Check out Athlon Optics for all of your optics needs. We have award winning quality binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, red dots, magnifiers and many accessories! Perfect for long range, archery shooting, air gun, hunting, predator hunting, law enforcement, tactical or just banging steel for fun! You can’t beat the quality with the clarity of our glass with special lens coatings for a more vibrant image. Athlon Optics has got your back!

What?!….Gus uses his Athlon Binoculars while Fly fishing!

Repost from Gus Congemi host of “Live The Wild Life:”

Although I am a novice fly fisherman a few years ago a legendary fishing guide gave me a tip that made a lot of sense to me ” If you take the time to watch the river through field glasses, you get a better idea of what bugs are hatching. And what trout are really sipping, long before you’re standing knee-deep in an area where every cast matters, and every wasted motion spooks fish” #athlonoptics #athlonandgus #anthlonlifetimewarrenty — with Athlon Optics.


Mounting the NEW Midas BTR OS11 Red Dot Sight to your Glock

Check out the Midas BTR OS11 Open Red Dot Sight! See how you can mount it on a Glock Handgun.


Pro Staffer Rachel Sayre Loves her Ares 10X42 binoculars!

Repost from Rachel Sayre :

My @athlonoptics Ares 10X42 binoculars are the perfect combination of lightweight construction, allowing me to glass for extended periods of time without arm fatigue, and pristine optical quality enabling me to see clearly in extremely low light conditions.
Not to mention their rugged durability.
They take a beating from this gal and still do the job like no other.
I love them. — with Athlon Optics.

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