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Kenny from AZ Diggs the CLARITY of his Midas 10X50 Binoculars!

Kenny posted this on our FB page recently:

I’m not a very rich person so I can’t afford to spend 1000 to 1500 dollars on optics. When I was persuaded to take a chance on the Midas 10×50 binos I wasn’t to sure but once I got my hands on them and looked thru them I knew they were the real deal, and I’ve looked thru the 1500 to 2000 dollar binos. Great job on the product and customer service. I’m gunna be a full athlon optics’s user for life now!

This is a pic of a doe thru them at 100 yard with my phone up to one side!

Bo Wins Archery Division – Quality Glass from Argos Binos makes a big difference!

From John Pipes:

“Great weekend in Paris, TX. at the Western Region Shootout. This is a tri- state ASA qualifier and usually has the highest attendance of any qualifier in the nation, this year being almost 300 Archers. Bo won with a score of 314 9x and I finished men’s hunter in 5th with a 300 7x.

Thank you Athlon Optics, without our Athlon Argos binoculars this would not be possible. Thank you for all your support and for making such great products that help us reach out goals and keep winning.”




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Athlon’s Cronus 20-60X86 Spotting Scope Receives OUTDOOR LIFE “Great Buy” Award June 2016

What an honor to receive the “GREAT BUY” Award
from Outdoor Life Magazine, June 2016.

“This ( Cronus 20-60X86 spotting ) scope is very sharp and we loved
it’s positive controls. This scope features a nice eye piece with dual
speed focus” says Andrew McKean the editor in chief for Outdoor
Life magazine.


Watch this short YouTube Video:

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