Buy an Athlon. You will not regret it.


Thursday- November 08, 2018 at 9:18pm


Customer Service Testimonial Through

Facebook Messenger

I called Athlon Customer Service today using the telephone number provided on their Contact Us page.

It was refreshing to hear Customer Service listed first as in, “press one…”

A real live human being answered immediately and advised me of a part number I was in search of for a sunshade within moments.



 Athlon exceeded this customer’s expectations.

Support like this is rare at best today.

As for the scope:

Their competitors had better be paying attention!

 For too long, too many have paid far more for far less than you get with an Athlon scope.

 I’ve owned Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Tasco, and countless others.

 I finally found sweet spot in the scope world.

 Athlon is at the point where spending less means far less quality and spending more costs more than you gain.

Buy an Athlon.

 You will not regret it.

Contact Us:


Customer Service:

Toll free 1-855-913-5678

*Please contact us at sales@athlonoptics.com for our dealership program




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