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Tunnel Vision

Athlon Binoculars

Midas 10×42 ED

The Author says, “I pitted them against my own 10×42 Hawke binos. Which many will have seen in my hunting pics, in a nice camo pattern finish.”


“Now sometimes it nice to review something everybody can use, and this item would not look out of place anywhere from the cottage window sill watching the birds at the feeders, to ladies day at Ascot races.”










“Zoomed in by cropping image still gives lots of great detail.”









“So back to these Midas binos, built for the rugged USA markets, where its bigger and better and tougher and grittier, do they hold up, well yes they do.”

“I had the best weather for testing them in our little heatwave of the summer, so being baked alive and still surviving is a good test”

“Athlon’s had the same treatment, and survived flawlessly.”


“So as you can see from the photos, its a blue/green colour to the body.”

“So its got big old checker pattern grips on the sides top and bottom and its very grippy.”


“So onto the bits you guys want to hear about how they perform, well as I said I put them up against my trusted Hawke’s, now I know a few will moan they are not a big name brand like Zeiss or Swarovski but you see I think these Athlon’s could give them big boys a run for their money.”



“Will it surprise you to find the retail on the Midas are not a thousand or even 500 of your hard earned pounds, but at £340,00 they wont break the bank, so I can hear you all saying its about the glass, so in the spirit of all good test, I pick a day with average light levels and set up in the back garden looking at some fields around 900- 1000 yards away, I can tell you the gable end on the hose is 225 and the circled beech tree is 555 in yards, as you can see the hawkes let me down on picture quality and light gathering yet I’ve always used them without a problem. So maybe a new pair is on the cards….”


“But all in all the details are there from the dead grass in the top meadow to the pebble dash finish on the house. There is even a house in the top left of the pics which I only saw while looking at the pics on the pc, the same zoom was used on my phone to take both pics, but as you can see the atlhons wins on that too. Giving more light and a better bigger image to see will allow you to spot quarry or just observe faster and see more details.”

“You will notice the 225 house is missing from the hawke picture, another example of field of view. The athlons are 341 feet at 1000 yards and my hawke are 305 feet.”

“So you end up with a bit bigger picture in the Athlon binoculars and that is another advantage right there.”

“So I’m very impressed with the glass wear at sub £500, and with a host of features from fog proof, and waterproofing thanks to the argon gas filling.”

“Countrymans score: 9/10. It would of been 10 if it wasn’t for those darn objective rubbers kept popping out…”

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