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Things to Consider when Sighting in your Shot

Things to Consider To Anyone Sighting in make sure you practice all elements of the shot;

1. Take it Slow, This is not something you need to be in a Hurry for. Essentially this is all a major process for one shot. So, take your time.

2. Manage your Breathing, Focus on clearing your head before the Shot.

3. Consistence is Key, When taking the shot, Trigger Control, Beginning and End, Fallow thru. Cheek Weld, Shoulder Placement.

4. Focus on a small part of the target as your looking through your scope. Not the whole thing.

5. Barrel Temperature Needs to Remain Consistent, Angle of the barrel can change with Hot to Cold Temperature.

6. Make Every Shot Count.

-Athlon Team



Buy an Athlon. You will not regret it.


Thursday- November 08, 2018 at 9:18pm


Customer Service Testimonial Through

Facebook Messenger

I called Athlon Customer Service today using the telephone number provided on their Contact Us page.

It was refreshing to hear Customer Service listed first as in, “press one…”

A real live human being answered immediately and advised me of a part number I was in search of for a sunshade within moments.



 Athlon exceeded this customer’s expectations.

Support like this is rare at best today.

As for the scope:

Their competitors had better be paying attention!

 For too long, too many have paid far more for far less than you get with an Athlon scope.

 I’ve owned Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Tasco, and countless others.

 I finally found sweet spot in the scope world.

 Athlon is at the point where spending less means far less quality and spending more costs more than you gain.

Buy an Athlon.

 You will not regret it.

Contact Us:


Customer Service:

Toll free 1-855-913-5678

*Please contact us at sales@athlonoptics.com for our dealership program




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Binocular Guru Athlon Optics Binoculars Reviewed

Published from the Binoculars Guru

Binoculars Guru is your one-stop resource for everything that you hope to learn about binoculars, scopes, rangefinders and other Outdoors, hunting and birding tips.

Some Reading material for all of you interested in how our binoculars rate, here are some opinions on the different models for you.

To Check out any of the Binoculars Listed Visit the Website


Athlon Talos 10×42

 A Tale Of Athlon’s Budget Binocular


“Athlon really outdid themselves with this binocular.”

“It has all the features found in higher end binoculars, which is a big plus when you consider its price.”



Athlon Argos 10×42


“Priced at below $250, the Argos 10×42 is a true bargain.”

“Despite its relatively affordable price tag it has tons of useful features.”


Ares 8×42 a True God of Binos?


“Ares does hold its own against its pricier rival.”

“The Ares 8×42 just like their Greek god namesake can withstand punishment and the average and even beyond average abuse.”


The Athlon Cronus Binoculars 8.5×42

What You Need To Know


“The wider field of view combined with an edge to edge sharpness made for a great viewing experience.”

“An unconventional binocular.”

“All these elements combine to make this one of the best binoculars on the market.”


Binoculars Guru is your one-stop resource for everything that you hope to learn about binoculars, scopes, rangefinders and other Outdoors, hunting and birding tips.

To see more valuable opinions and to check out more Reviews

Check out: https://binocularsguru.com/


Athlon Optics Binoculars Facebook


Athlon Optics on Facebook



Last weekend of 1000 Yard shots for the Loaded Bergara Rifle Drawing

Athlon Optics

1000 Yard Club Drawing

This is your last weekend to get the your 1000 Yard shots recorded and submitted for the Loaded Bergara Rifle. We draw Nov. 1st.

To be entered post a video of yourself hitting/shooting 1000 Yards with your Athlon Rifle Scope here:






5K Gun Setup!
Sponsors and Special Thanks to:
Athlon Optics – Cronus BTR
Bergara – B-14 HMR 6.5CM
MPA 34mm Single Bolt Action Scope Mount 
Leviathan Suppressor
Atlas Bipod
CTK Monopod
Area 419 Bipod Rail
Warne 20moa base rail
Long Range Arms -Send it
Magnetospeed V3




Rex takes the Ares ETR for a Tracking Test

Check out the latest Review by TiborasaurusRex 


This Video was posted on October 18th 2018, around 6pm.

Here is a Link to the Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG9XF22oIWU&t=1s

To see Rex in action check him out on YouTube Here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqymwlCbVwpMnSLrd-NAQJQ


To see his website click here: https://www.rexreviews.org/

To check out the New Ares ETR you seen in the Review Click Here: https://athlonoptics.com/product-category/rifle-scopes/athlon-optics-rifle-scopes-ares-etr/

Deadline Set for 1000 Yard Club Bergara Giveaway

We have had an ongoing submission type entry based drawing event for our Facebook’s 1000 yard club  page. We have as of Yesterday 9/11 set an end date for submissions.

The deadline is approaching and Set for Halloween.  10/31/2018.

Any questions about entry rules and regulations, or to check for clarification on rules click  here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1494881553963650/?ref=br_rs

To check out the winners package click here:

1000 Yard Club Giveaway!

Cinchy takes a trip to Athlon

Cinchy : Writes about his trip to Athlon.

Friday at 8:36 AM

From the Athlon Optics Real World Review Forum

Featured In

Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

I went and took a tour at the Athlon location in Olathe. The sales manager Jeff Robertson was really helpful, & did not rush me at all. He took me outside with every scope I was interested in & let me, view objects in the distance. All the scopes were mounted on dummy stocks so life like in viewing . It was great to have first hand answers to all my questions! I was really impressed with the number of scopes in their product line. The glass on all the scopes were really impressive & clearer than I expected, even at higher magnifications. I also looked at their range finders, & spotting scopes & was equally impressed with them as well. They want you to set up a time for a tour, but it would be well worth the time to view their full product line, if you live close enough.

Original Post here

http://[URL=”https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/athlon-optics-real-world-review.202972/page-2#post-1476912″]Athlon Optics real world review[/URL]

If you would like to Schedule a Tour Contact Us at (855) 913-5678 or Email us at contact@athlonoptics.com

 To see Jeff  Robertson In Action



Images:  Entry Door Athlon Whitetail, Athlon Showroom Scope Room, Catalog Picture with Whitetail and VP


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