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Athlon Optics: Crystal Puts Down Young Buck in Montana! Midas 10X42’s deliver!

Props to Crystal for harvesting this young buck in the mountains near Dillon, Montana. Crystal and her husband Dennis glassed for this buck in a herd of does with her Midas 10X42 binoculars and was finally able to deliver the shot at about 150 yards after clearing the other deer. Way to go Crystal!


Dennis says the clarity in their Midas binoculars is EXCEPTIONAL! Just days before this harvest they were glassing for elk in the mountains and were able to distinguish the antlers of the elk at more than 1200 yards through the Midas binoculars!

Athlon Optics: Rowdy says “The Argos BTR 6-24X50 FFP Rifle Scope Performed Flawless For Me Today!

Another “Satisfied Customer!”

Rowdy says: “Thank you for making a great scope that performed flawless for me today!” Rowdy harvested this buck in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon with his 7mm WSM, mounted with the Argos BTR 6-24X50! @rowdygraves



Athlon Optics: Cronus 4.5-29X56 Riflescope: Anarchy Outdoors

From¬†Anarchy Outdoors: It’s done! Our RPR is all finished up! Well we just need a Timney Trigger to finish the job. Love the Seekins Hand Guard and the titanium parts. #notarugerproduct #RPR #RPRlife Seekins Precision Titaniumgunparts.com, Timney Triggers Kickback Coatings, Athlon Optics, Ruger Kryptek Outdoor Group. @anarchyoutdoors

The Cronus riflescope is a thing of beauty!






Athlon Optics: Steve Montgomery Wins Arizona State Field Target Championship with Argos BTR 6-24X50

A BIG Congratulations to Steve Montgomery for winning the Arizona State Field Target Championship in Mormon Lake, Arizona last week using the Argos BTR 6-24X50 mounted on an USFT Airgun Rifle.

In addition to this great news, I’ve got some pretty impressive statistics that I would like to soon share with “ATHLON NATION” regarding the Arizona State Field Target Championship.




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