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Include the Product Service Request Form with your product, then mail to the following address.

Warranty Service :

Your product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Athlon Optics Service Department. If your product cannot be repaired and is no longer being offered, a product that has similar value or specifications will be substituted.  Please note that any altering of the products, such as cerakote coatings or spray painting, may void the warranty.

Our warranty service includes that we will return the repaired or replacement to you at no charge (shipment by a party of Athlon’s choosing).

The time it takes to turnaround your product will vary depending on time of a year and the level of repair service needed, but we do our best to quickly return your product to you.

International Customers:

Please refer to the dealer you purchased from for all warranty questions and issues.

Shipping Instructions:

Binoculars and spotting scopes: Please have all lens covers on the product if you still have those and leave any other accessories in home including straps.

Riflescopes: Please remove rings and any other accessories. Lens covers can be left on for extra protection.

Please pack with an outer box and some kind of padding materials inside that support and wrap around your product. A cardboard  box alone without the product securely packed inside could cause some damage to your product during shipping.

Shipping Address:
Athlon Optics
801 N Meadowbrook Dr, Olathe, KS 66062

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