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Cody’s Facebook rifle forum review: Argos BTR 8-34X56 rifle scope…Thanks Cody!

Caught this review by Cody on the Rifle Scope Trader (RST) Facebook forum on the Argos BTR 8-34X56 rifle scope. Thanks Cody!




SWAT Team Member putting the Midas 4.5-27X50 to the TEST!

Check out this fantastic brief review recently submitted to our Athlon email. The gentleman who submitted this email has been investigating our Athlon products since November and is a member of a SWAT team on the east coast. Also you can see some great conversations on Snipers Hide!

“Thanks for the update, no rush still having a blast with the Midas! Now we are using it on our 223 designated marksman rifles. We find the extra magnification great for scouting work and being able to dial down to a lower magnification for tactical rifle work is excellent. I would have to say by now it has been on 15 or 20 rifles at least as many shooters and a couple thousand rounds without a single issue.”

Pictured is the Midas BTR 4.5-27X50 rifle scope he is referring to:


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