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First Impression Video on the Athlon Ares ETR

Thank you Randall C. for your impression video. We will be on the lookout for your tracking video on the performance of this Optic.

Check out the scope here:   https://athlonoptics.com/product-category/rifle-scopes/athlon-optics-rifle-scopes-ares-etr/

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1ncKol0wKw&t=1s

Cinchy takes a trip to Athlon

Cinchy : Writes about his trip to Athlon.

Friday at 8:36 AM

From the Athlon Optics Real World Review Forum

Featured In

Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

I went and took a tour at the Athlon location in Olathe. The sales manager Jeff Robertson was really helpful, & did not rush me at all. He took me outside with every scope I was interested in & let me, view objects in the distance. All the scopes were mounted on dummy stocks so life like in viewing . It was great to have first hand answers to all my questions! I was really impressed with the number of scopes in their product line. The glass on all the scopes were really impressive & clearer than I expected, even at higher magnifications. I also looked at their range finders, & spotting scopes & was equally impressed with them as well. They want you to set up a time for a tour, but it would be well worth the time to view their full product line, if you live close enough.

Original Post here

http://[URL=”https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/athlon-optics-real-world-review.202972/page-2#post-1476912″]Athlon Optics real world review[/URL]

If you would like to Schedule a Tour Contact Us at (855) 913-5678 or Email us at contact@athlonoptics.com

 To see Jeff  Robertson In Action



Images:  Entry Door Athlon Whitetail, Athlon Showroom Scope Room, Catalog Picture with Whitetail and VP


Review and Comparison from AR15.com

Big Jim Fish has done some reviewing and comparison of our scopes and others on the AR-15.com Forum for Precision Rifles, he has a nice point of view on the reviews, I have taken some of that out to display to you here today.

Post linkage – https://www.ar15.com/forums/precision-rifles/2018-BigJimFish-Review-blog-Grayboe-MPA-Kelbly-Sightron-Athlon-/3-7635/#i109877

Update 7-25-2018

The big news is that the Mesa Precision Arms Crux rifle review is finished and should be up in a week or so.

In scope news, I just recieved the Athlon Ares BTR yesterday. I will probably get to working some with that this weekend. I have done some mechanical and optical work on the Athlon Midas Tac now that I received my test target back from the laminators. The Midas reticle is spot on in size and the adjustments are also tracking right on. There is really nothing else you can say about that.

image link-http://u.cubeupload.com/BigJimFish/2018725midasreticles.jpg

Photo Caption-Calibration testing the Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50mm with APRS2 FFP Mil

Second link-https://www.ar15.com/forums/precision-rifles/2018-BigJimFish-Review-blog-Grayboe-MPA-Kelbly-Sightron-Athlon-/3-7635/#i111842

Update 8-25-2018

As for the three scopes I have:
Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50mm
Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27×50 FFP IR Mil
they are looking better than I expected. Optically, they are all performing better than I expected at the price point. These three, together with the two legacy comparisons I have (Zeiss conquest 4.5-14x and Leupold Mk 6 3-18x), are closer in optical performance than any other large group of scopes I have ever compared to each other. Their mechanicals have also been solid so far with the Midas actually being indistinguishable from perfect in the tracking. I am really pleased that this much performance can now be had for a pretty moderate price. I expect that the first of these reviews should be done and up in a month and a half or so.

Scope Comparison Photo

Image link- http://u.cubeupload.com/BigJimFish/2018825behindvblock.jpg

Image #2 Caption-Optical comparison testing for the sub $1k ffp mil/mil precision optics series.

Thank you again to BigJimFish for your reviews.

First Look ?- Cronus Tactical Spotting Scope by Athlon Optics

Thank you. For your review on Snipers Hide.

Original Post:

I have had the opportunity to work with a new Athlon product, their Cronus Tactical Spotting Scope that has a FFP reticle. This is a new straight thru scope in 7-42X60 using their top of the line Cronus ED glass. Is right at 14 inches long and weighs 46 ounces so readily back packable. Has fittings for picatinny rails on the top and both sides to mount a red dot for quick target acquisition, or a small rangefinder – or both? Magnification and focus knobs are conveniently located by the ocular.

Have had it out several times and the resolution like many of their scopes is superb. In good conditions I easily observed impacts on steel out to a mile, and think this would work for 2 km or more. In the past I have used a Optolyth 100, Cronus 60, and Ares 14-45 on our range that goes out to 1600 yards. My favorite has been the Ares because of size and weigh, and optically I did not feel I was giving up that much to the Optolyth100 or Cronus 60. Side by side on a few occasions I have to give the nod to the new Cronus Tactical Optics over the Ares.

Reticle is first focal plane and is a “T” shape with the upper part of the FOV clear for observation. There is 10 mils on each side of the center in 0.2 mil increments and the base of the T is 8 mils in similar subtensions. One tenth mil subtensions are displayed between the 5 and 6 mil hashmarks for more fine resolution. Besides the reticulated “T” there are also stadia lines that allow for ranging objects 12″. 18″, 30″ or the torso or full height of a person from 300 to 1000 yards. These allow quick ranging without the need to do the math to convert mils to distance. Testing these on 18″ gongs at 750, 850, 950 and 1089 yards got me in range +/-15 yards by using the stadia on either side of the distances listed. Anyway close enough if I did not have a LRF that I could spot my first shot and make a quick followup shot corrected by the splash seen on reticle.

The scope is mounted on a beefy carbon fiber Night Stalker Pro tripod by Night googles and the entire setup, tripod tripod head and scope will run you somewhere around $1500.

The Athlon Tactical is going to be around $1000 and should hit the market in a month or so – perhaps Frostyline can correct me on these final details.

Further information on the reticle with illustration is here:

Here is the original Forum Link:
For more information on the Cronus Tactical Spotting Scope:

Aaron Michaud Recognized by BWF

Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting with Kids Foundation
July 1 ·Facebook
I want to thank Aaron Michaud with #AthlonOpticsEnthusiasts for donating a scope to the Beverly Woods Fishing And Hunting With Kids Foundation for our AR15 the kids will definitely be putting it to good use this year. God bless you and your family for donating Aaron.

Young Jarvis shooting the Ruger American 25-06

Via Facebook Messages

August 18th, 2018 4:46PM

James Rapley

This is my 3 year old son Jarvis shooting the Ruger American 25-06 he is left handed so far so its a battle to get him to not copy me 100%.  He’s using an Argos BTR 6-24×50 mil.

Jeff on the Helos BTR Riflescope: “Awesome Glass, Tracks & Performs Flawlessly!”

Jeff Hatfield

Had always gone Vortex or NF riflescope due to quality, performance and warranty! Had just bought a Bergara 6.5cm BMP and decided to give Athlon a try…decided on a Helos BTR riflescope in 6x24x50. Awesome glass, tracks and performs flawlessly. I will be looking at Athlon again to replace my glass on my Tikka 270.

Check out the Helos BTR Models Here:


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