Travis and Kyndrah Walla - Athlon Optics

Athlon Optics PRO TEAM | MAIN FOCUS: Steel Challenge

I’m the match director for the San Antonio area precision rifle matches. I’ve been a rifle shooter since high school. My primary focus is to grow our local community and youth shooters. Feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Travis & Kyndrah Walla

About Me:

I have been a competitive shooter since high school in trap and skeet. During my undergrad, I was introduced to 3 Gun, but I transitioned to long range not too long afterwards. I have been shooting competitive long range for over 3 years now. My daughter is also competitive in the 22LR shooting community shooting monthly NRL22 matches and all the ELR 22 and ELR matches she can attend.

One of my favorite memories in the shooting world was creating and hosting the World’s Longest Shot Challenge, was able to see shooters come in from around the world and test the limits on their rifles. I enjoy creating fun and challenging matches and training classes that push each shooter to focus on fundamentals and increase their confidence.

Our 22 rifle setups are almost identical except the barrel length.

My Loadout:

Stock: XLR Envy
Reveiver: Vudoo V22
Bag: Weibad Fortune Cookie
Caliber: 22 LR
Bullet SK Long Range Match