Rhett Butler shooting with Athlon Rifle Scope

Congratulations to Rhett Butler shooting 1100 yards with Athlon Rifle scopes.

“For being a freshly sighted in package I’d say it was a success. Shooting 1100 yards for my first time, putting hits on a 10″x15” plate. All topped off with Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27×50 MOA rifle scope. Rifle is a Ruger precision in 6.5 Creedmoor sending a 140gr ELD Match bullet. . Awesome setup thanks to R.E.C. Gunworks, and Eric Colt!”

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Here is a video of Rhett making that shot with Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 Rifle scope

Learn more about Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 rifle scopes from here

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