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Daniel Takes Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 rifle scope out to 1000 Yards Ringing Steel!

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From Daniel Rice:
Here’s the range report from Saturday.
Making a hit at 1000 yards has been a goal of mine for several years. I only get to go to the 1k range a couple times a year so it’s slow progress and most progress is made by reading and dry fire practice at home.
It is also the first time shooting this rifle past 100 yards. My main goal of the day was OCW load development. After finding the load I wanted I used the rest of the rounds to see how far I could walk it out and was hoping I could make it to 1000.
Here is what I’m using:
Remington 700 .280 Ackley built by Cutting Edge Arms.
Athlon Ares 4-27×50 in Mil. From Aandj Sporting (Thank you Aaron Michaud)
Hornady 162g ELD-X with H4831SC
This was the 4th of 5 shots taken at the 1k (hit the 5th also!)
I got a chance to breifly compare the Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 Rifle Scope side by side with a Gen 2 Razor looking at 1000+ yards. Im not saying this is as good or better than the Razor because there is a lot more to compare than just mid day clarity. but I was Impressed with the glass clarity similarities. For MY purposes the Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 is not leaving anything to be desired. Love this Optic! toll-free: 1-855-913-5678
*Lifetime Unconditional & Transferable Warranty*
You can’t beat the quality with the clarity of our glass with special lens coatings for a more vibrant image. Athlon Optics has got your back!

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