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We are a family of four. Mom and dad: Lynette and Kevin Cole—and brothers: Madison and Logan. We practice land management for wildlife habitat; and are avid big game hunters in the Midwest and western country. We have years of guiding experience and promoting mature age structure harvest.

MadGuy Outdoors

About Us:

Hunting has been a part of our family for decades. One of our greatest passions is getting people into hunting no matter how young or old. Taking a couple of our cousins on their first turkey hunts a few years ago and them being able to both tag great gobblers, sparked a fire in us to take kids/newcomers out every following season. We work with landowners in trying to better or maintain well balanced ecosystems for all wildlife.

For the last 5 years we have taken a mere 30 acres of cattle pasture, let it grow up then gone back in and made clearings, planted 7+ acres of food plots, done yearly controlled burns to take out invasive plant species, and planted numerous fruit trees. With these projects done we have begun to take multiple mature deer (4.5yrs and older) off this small parcel of land in an area that years ago only held very small numbers of deer not to mention quail numbers are thriving and turkeys are beginning to use our land. Here is some of the equipment we’ve used. All of which have played a huge role in our hunts and hopefully many more to come.


Midas G2 UHD 10x42s
Argos 10x50s

Spotting Scope

Ares UHD 15-45×65


Argos BTR 6-24×50