I am a Junior 3 Gun Competitor that dabbles in many other shooting sports such as: Team Sniper Challenges, Run N Gun, NRL22, USPSA, Hunting, and Trick Shots.


About Me:

I am a 5th generation farmer and 2nd generation competitive shooter. I started my shooting career at the age of 8 in NSSF Rimfire, then found 3-gun when I was 9 and decided I would try it out. My first match was a blast and I decided that 3 Gun is where I would focus most of my energy. 3 Gun is challenging both mentally and physically, from long stages with lots of running  to short stages with hidden targets.

Many people have helped me throughout my shooting journey. This is just one of the great things about the shooting sports. For this reason, any time I see a new shooter or someone that just needs a little help with something I try to assist in any way I can.  

Trick shots are a fun thing to do during the off season when there is not as much going on. I have done many trick shots such as a triple tap at 830 yards, shooting a clay bird out of the air with a pistol while hanging upside down on my dad’s back, and shooting 1,335 yards with a one power Athlon Red Dot.

My Loadout:

Rifle Scope: Athlon Optics Cronus BTR 1-6×24 

Rifle: CMMG Resolute chambered in 5.56

Pistol: CZ 75 Tactical Sports Orange chambered in 9mm

Shotgun: Stoeger M3K chambered in 12 gauge with a Taccom mag tube extension.

Belt: Safari Land belt with Safari Land ELS Clips, Taccom Gemini shotgun shell caddies, an FS Tactical hooded holster, and FS Tactical rifle and pistol mag pouches.