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View at 6x through my Argos BTR 6-24×50: Love the Christmas tree reticle

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View at 6x through my @athlonoptics Argos BTR 6-24×50. Love the Christmas tree mrad reticle. ‪#‎2a‬ ‪#‎precisionrifle‬ ‪#‎pewpew‬ ‪#‎gunporn‬ ‪#‎rifle‬‪#‎remington700‬


4 Responses to “View at 6x through my Argos BTR 6-24×50: Love the Christmas tree reticle

  • Chris cafarelli
    5 years ago

    I would like to know if the argus btr 6x24x50 would help me make the one mile shot I am looking for with my RPR in 308 caliper. I keep coming back to the Athlon product line over and over, I have used the vortex in mrad don’t care for it maybe because every one say’s you can’t beat the warranty. I’m looking for quality that has a warranty that I hope to never use. So in closing what would you suggest . Thank you for your time. Chris Cafarelli .

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