Athlon Optics: Shooting Tips from the Pros! (Courtesy of South Florida Gun School)

Athlon Optics

Shooting Tip of the Day-Let’s talk about breathing. How do you fix your breathing preshot and through the shot.
Let me explain the technique I use and why. I take a couple shallow breaths. During my preshot routine. When I am sure my Natural Point of Aim is correct. I take a deep breath in and let half out until I feel my body relax. That is a sweet spot. You can tell when your whole body just relaxed. Then I go through my shot sequence.

I challenge you to try this.

From sitting anywhere extend your hand out with your index finger pointed up like an aiming point or front sight.
Take a deep breath in and hold it all in. Watch how soon you will start shaking…Called muscle tremors.
Now, Take a deep breath in and let ALL of it out while watching that finger. Again, tremors.
Now take a deep breath in, slowly let it out until you feel the sweet spot. Watch how long you can now stay on target with your finger.

* Shooting Tips Courtesy of Bob Harvey with South Florida Gun School, West Palm Beach, FL

Shooting Tips Breathing


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