Ares ETR 4.5-30×56 APRS1 FFP IR MIL

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Designed with consumer feedback in mind, the Ares ETR first focal plane rifle scope is loaded with features accommodating a variety of shooting disciplines. A locking windage turret eliminates concerns of inadvertent adjustments in the field. The true precision zero stop provides a hard, repeatable return to zero, ensuring your shot is on target every time. Extra low dispersion ED lenses offer the sharpest, most colorful image possible. The Ares ETR is built with a rugged 34mm one piece tube, offering 110 MOA total elevation adjustment. A high precision erector system and stainless steel turret design provide consistent and repeatable adjustments from top to bottom. From big game hunting to extreme long range, the Ares ETR is “Sharp, Tight, and Priced Just Right.”

This  Ares ETR 4.5-30×56 Model has APRS1 first focal plane illuminated MIL reticle in it.  Please click the link for detailed reticle subtension…

SKU#:212100 (Black)

SKU#:212100B (Bronze)


ED GlassExtra Low Dispersion glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration giving you an utmost bright and sharp image with true color reproduction.
Illuminated ReticleThe illuminated reticle provides greater visibility during dusk and dawn and other low ambient light environment.
First Focal Plane ReticleFirst focal plane reticle stays valid at all power settings allowing you to fully utilize the specially designed reticle that shrinks or grows along with your target as you zoom in or out. The reticle offers quick target engagement at low power while offering precise holdover positions with finer details.
Etched Glass ReticleReticle etched on the glass that provides excellent backing support for complex reticle design and offers great durability and much higher shock resistance to recoil
Advanced Fully MulticoatedFully Multicoated optics effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter image than normal single coated lenses
XPL CoatingXPL Coating gives you an extra protection on the exterior lenses from dirt, oil and scratches or anything else mother nature can throw at you.
Precision Zero Stop SystemThe system allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark even you are turning it in pitch-dark or blind folded.
Locking Windage TurretThis Locking Feature allows you to push down to lock the turret and pull up to turn. This feature prevents the windage knob from being turned accidentally and keeps your zero all the time.
High Precision Erector SystemThe high precision erector system processed by high precision CNC machine with +/- 0.0001mm tolerance level to provide you the most accurate power settings and smoothest magnification change
6061 T6 AluminumThe 6061T6 aircraft grade aluminum tube that has exceptional strength and superior mechanical integrity will protect these world class optics no matter what punishment you throw at it.
Exposed Tactical Direct DialExposed Direct Dial Turrets for elevation and windage allow you to quickly make adjustment as you needed and engage your target within a blink of your eyes
One Piece Tube ConstructionHeat treated one piece tube gives the scope extra strength over multi-piece tubes. A one piece tube also is better at keeping moisture out thus keeping your scope fog proof for the life of the product
WaterproofWaterproof to protect the scope in the harshest weather conditions or if accidently submerged underwater
Fog proofFog proof to allow you to immediately engage your target when you take your rifle to cold ambient temperature from warm inside
ShockproofRobust mechanical system with special designs on both control and erector system that give you the ultimate recoil resistance to withstand 1000G recoil for 1000 times.
Argon PurgedArgon Purging uses the inertia gas with bigger size molecules to purge any moisture out of the tube giving you better waterproofing and thermal stability .



Magnification 4.5-30
Objective Lens Diameter 56 mm
Reticle  APRS1 FFP IR MIL, Glass Etched 
Surface Finish Matte/Brown 
Lens Coating Advanced Fully Multicoated 
Extra Coating Xtra Protective Coating 
Tube Material 6061 Aluminium 
Tube Diameter 34 mm
Exit Pupil  8.8-1.9mm
Eye Relief 3.9"
Field of View @100 yards 24.5-3.75 ft
Click Value 0.1 MIL
Adjustment range per rotation 10 MIL
Total Elevation Adjustment 32 MIL
Total Windage Adjustment 32 MIL
Turret Style Exposed Direct Dial/Locking Windage Turret
Parallax Adjustment Side Focus – 25 yards to infinity
Purging Material Argon 
Length 15.3"
Weight 36.5 oz
User Instruction Manual Download 
Reticle Manual  Download 

8 reviews for Ares ETR 4.5-30×56 APRS1 FFP IR MIL

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Ares BTR is a great scope for a great price. This is my second scope from Athlon. I purchased the Cronus when it came out and have been nothing but impressed with their product. The features and quality are fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe ( Montana)

    ares etr review. glass is clear. nice reticle i really like the floating dot. nice turrets with audible adjustment clicks. tall target test at 100 proved scope tracked spot on from zero to 10 mils of adjustment repeated
    12 times it returned right to my zero and then right back to 36 inch line or 10 mil every time. very impressed with ares etr.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Callan Phillott

    The Athlon Ares ETR (mil): I’ve only owned it for a week but so far it’s a really great scope.

    – There’s hardly any ‘play’ between the turret clicks.
    – The zero stop is easy to set.
    – The illumination is really nice because the lowest level is really dark and doesn’t saturate the reticle in a red glow at night.
    – Absolutely no visible distortion around the edges of the FOV.
    – The number of splines on the turrets perfectly matches the number of clicks, ensuring the hash marks always line up after resetting turret position (which can be done with a coin rather than a special wrench).
    – The optical clarity remains really crisp and relatively bright at 30x zoom.
    – Mine has a total 34.3mils of elevation adjustment (unlike the 32mils advertised).
    – The APRS1 reticle design is the most functional I’ve ever used.
    – The 30x FOV is closer to 3.9ft at 100 yards rather than the advertised 3.75ft.

    – The windage adjustment hash marks don’t line up correctly (I’m hoping Athlon will send me a replacement turret)
    – The magnification ring is a little bit tight and Athlon don’t offer a screw in post or throw lever.
    – No sunshade included (and the other Athlon 56mm sunshades aren’t compatible)
    – The parallax numbers don’t quite line up with the actual distance.
    – Quite big and heavy (but worth it for all the features)
    – The reticle on mine is ever so slightly canted in relation to the elevation turret (like most scopes) so while mounting it, definitely hang a plumb line to level it (don’t rely on a bubble level sitting on the turret if you plan on long range shooting with it).

    I give it a five star rating because the only issues I found are common with most scopes and they’re only minor cosmetic things.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ares ETR is a fantastic optic, tracks true and great clarity. Taken it out to 1500 yards so far. Love the locking windage and the new floating dot reticle, especially for long range precision shooting. Fit and finish is perfect and what I’ve come to expect from Athlon, well done!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I own a Cronus btr and both ares btr and now etr. This has by far the better reticle of the 3. And is lighter than the Cronus. I have this scope on a prs style 6mm bra. And absolutely love it. The locking windage the positive clicks for elevation the zero stop. It’s a winner and the brown color is awesome. My only gripe is I ALWAYS leave my illumination on and always have a dead battery. Maybe Athlon will be the first to idiot proof scopes for people like me (I know I’m not alone) but the thing You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    For similar money, this is a lot nicer optic both in terms of features and glass quality than the Viper PST II, IMO.

    I think I prefer the center-dot of the mil model over the center-+ of the MOA model, but both have reasonably fine reticles not not be intrusive at max magnification.

    Amazing scope with a ton of elevation and capability.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my third Athlon scope so far. I have a cronus BTR as well as a helos BTR. They are all great in their element, however the ETR is probably the best quality for the money.
    The glass is on par with the cronus, maybe slightly less clear, but close enough most people would not notice. Color is slightly warmer in the ETR. No hazing or blackening edges at full power, however glass is clearest around 25 power.
    The floating dot reticle is amazing. Some have said it is too small, however at 1000yds its very easy to pinpoint shots, and does not cover the whole target.
    The turrets are crisper and more defined then the cronus. I love that the windage knob locks as well. Zero stop was very easy to set.Tracking is excellent, at least out to 10 mil and back multiple times.
    The fit and finish is excellent, although the cronus does feel a little more high end. It is a little bigger and longer than most scopes, especially with a sunshade on. however my scope rail is long enough this is not an issue.
    I am replacing a vortex PST gen2 on a PRS rifle, and so far no complaints. Congrats Athlon, this is probably the best scope for the money you can buy.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    R D Tague

    Have run the Ares ETR Mil on my PRS match rifle for past 7 months. Being a match gun, the turrets are always getting spun up and down a lot. I have had zero issues. Recently, 3 months ago, I put one on my wifes match gun, as well as my 22LR match gun. Great scopes.

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