I am a Junior Competitive Shooter in multiple disciplines such as Steel Challenge, Two Gun Outlaw, and USPSA; but run and gun is my favorite. Feel free to follow me on social media!


About Me:

I am a Junior Competitive Shooter from south Florida. I have been around firearms my entire life. My dad hunts and has always taught me that safety is paramount. I got my first pistol when I was eight it was a Ruger Bearcat revolver. After learning how to use and operate the revolver safely he bought me a Ruger SR22 which was the first gun I used in competition. I have a passion for shooting, competing, and being a steward of the 2nd Amendment. I am willfully trying to find and introduce new junior shooters to competitive shooting.

Since I started competing two years ago, with my first Steel Challenge Match totaling at 452.00 seconds for the entire match, I have practiced and became more efficient and my fastest overall time is 81.78 seconds. I have gained extensive knowledge on not only the sport itself, but also, I have gained more self confidence and self esteem by learning from competitions and competitors. This is a sport where a novice can come to any shooting competition and be gladly taught and excepted by pro shooters.

My Loadout:

RFPO – Ruger Mark 4 Lite

RFRO – Tactical Solutions X-Ring with Axiom Stock and Athlon TSR2 Red Dot

PCCO – Charger Arms custom built AR-9 with a Ryker Grip and Athlon TSR2 Red Dot

Carry Optics – Canik TP9SFX with a Athlon TSR1 Red Dot


2019 Mississippi State Steel Challenge Match – 5th Place B Class RFPO

2019 Florida State Steel Challenge Match – 3rd Place A Class RFPO

2020 Ultimate Steel Challenge Match – 3rd Overall RFPO

2020 Ultimate Steel Challenge Match – Junior Champion RFPO

2020 Ultimate Steel Challenge Match – Ladies Champion RFPO