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Prostaff Trent Keen

Hello, I am

Trent Keen

Athlon Optics Prostaff


I am a long range rifle competitor, I mainly shoot in the Missouri Steel Tactical Series but would like to hit some bigger matches in the near future. My main focus the last 3 years has been the long-range shooting discipline. Honing my skills as a rifleman and competitor. 




I suppose I’ve always had a passion for competitive shooting. Around the age of 14 I found myself shooting competition trap and skeet for my church youth group. I believe that is what drove me to compete in long range shooting today. I take alot of pride in this sport and trying to be a positive role model to new shooters and anyone that may be watching. I’m always up for helping people new to the sport find their grove whether it be rifle setup or help with shooting in general. When I’m not shooting long range or practicing, I enjoy whitetail hunting, fishing, and riding dirtbikes with my wife and two little girls. We love the outdoors!

As of now this is my match rifle setup:

Action: Bighorn Arms Origin SA

Stock: MDT ACC Chassis

Barrel: Benchmark 26″ M40 Contour

Optic: Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56 MIL

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor



Check out @ar_longrangers on Instagram and follow my PRS season, practice sessions and hunting! 

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