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Athlon Optics: Cronus 4.5-29X56 Riflescope: Anarchy Outdoors

From Anarchy Outdoors: It’s done! Our RPR is all finished up! Well we just need a Timney Trigger to finish the job. Love the Seekins Hand Guard and the titanium parts. #notarugerproduct #RPR #RPRlife Seekins Precision Titaniumgunparts.com, Timney Triggers Kickback Coatings, Athlon Optics, Ruger Kryptek Outdoor Group. @anarchyoutdoors

The Cronus riflescope is a thing of beauty!






Athlon Optics Midas & Cronus rifle scopes: Jade Precision LLC

Repost from Jade Precision LLC: Got the MK Machining switch view and bubble levels mounted on the Athlon Optics Midas and Cronus rifle scopes. I have to say, for the price, these pieces are well worth it and solid. The least expensive, but quality levels and switch views out there now.
The rail mounted level on the Cronus is small, out of the way and easy to see due to how bright it is. It locks in well and does its job. The vials inside are high quality and the bubble doesn’t dance around.
The scope-mounted level on the Midas is aluminum and attaches solidly and easily. Neither level required me to remove my scopes. The other nice thing about the scope level is that it is easily seen even mounted behind the parallax/illumination knob.
The switch view lever is almost weightless, goes on in a snap and works flawlessly. They can be made in almost any color too. MK Machining is adding more and more levers to fit all the different scopes every day. Check their site to see if the have your optic available.


With how little these cost, and how well they work, there is no reason to pay more. Buy with confidence!
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Athlon Optics: Steve Montgomery Wins Arizona State Field Target Championship with Argos BTR 6-24X50

A BIG Congratulations to Steve Montgomery for winning the Arizona State Field Target Championship in Mormon Lake, Arizona last week using the Argos BTR 6-24X50 mounted on an USFT Airgun Rifle.

In addition to this great news, I’ve got some pretty impressive statistics that I would like to soon share with “ATHLON NATION” regarding the Arizona State Field Target Championship.




Athlon Optics: Ares 20-60X85 Spotting Scope Enters the “Guardian Long Range Competition”

Guardian Long Range Competition: “So Athlon Optics was nice enough to loan us this 20-60 spotting scope (for the Guardian Long Range Competition) this past weekend and it impressed everyone that put their eye to it.

The glass was very clean with no issues around the edges. This is a picky audience who said for that price point of under $1,000 it will be very tough to beat. Great job Athlon!!”





Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Athlon Optics: Coyote Callin Outlawz strikes again with the Midas BTR 4.5-27X50

The gang at Coyote Callin Outlawz strikes again! Four coyotes down in Southeast Kansas! Brock says: “The fog lifted and the coyotes came running! Four were shot and three were recovered. Colziah Jones had a heckuva morning! Running the Midas BTR 4.5-27X50 on a Savage 223.” Coyote callin outlawz
With Kirk Jones, Colziah Jones & Brock Jones

Gentlemen, thanks for helping protect our deer and muley population! Much Appreciation to you all!


Athlon Optics: Nice Sika deer harvested by Gary in Ohio using the Cronus 4.5-29X56 Rifle Scope

Nice Sika deer harvested by Gary in Ohio hunting with Starkey Hollow Whitetails! Gary spotted this Sika through his Ares 10X42’s then launched his fatal shot at 100 yards to drop this beauty using his 7mm Winchester 700 mounted with the Cronus 4.5-29X56 riflescope by athlonoptics Joe from Starkey Hollow Whitetail was Gary’s guide on this hunt. Thanks for sharing with us!




Athlon Optics: With the help of the Ares 10X42 Binoculars Kevin with Big Boy Adventures gets his lottery elk in Michigan!

So proud of Kevin & Jada! Kevin harvested this beautiful Michigan elk this morning! They glassed for this elk with their Ares 10X42 binoculars. This is truly a once in a lifetime elk harvest as Michigan selects a limited number of elk tags for harvest. This is a very special harvest! Big Boys TV BigBoys TV Can’t wait to have a bite of this elk! Steaks…jerkey…burger…Yum!  http://bigboysadventures.com/


Jada Johnson

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