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Aaron Michaud Recognized by BWF

Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting with Kids Foundation
July 1 ·Facebook
I want to thank Aaron Michaud with #AthlonOpticsEnthusiasts for donating a scope to the Beverly Woods Fishing And Hunting With Kids Foundation for our AR15 the kids will definitely be putting it to good use this year. God bless you and your family for donating Aaron.

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  • Tim Greene
    3 years ago

    Aaron Michaud is a great guy to deal with. He recently set me up with a Argos BTR 8-34×56 + scope rings & accessories at an extremely generous discount, being that I’m permanetely disabled and on a very tight fixed income. We’re members of the same Bergara FB forums, and he saw where I was asking questions about entry level priced QUALITY optics that had FFP, and he reached out to me in a very special manner to help make this a reality for me.

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