Ares 10X42 Binoculars Instrumental in helping Gus track Saskatchewan Bear

I wanted to share my story with you from my hunt in Northern Saskatchewan I’ve just returned from one of the most amazing hunts I’ve ever been on.

We spent 8 days hunting Black Bear in Northern Saskatchewan along with some world class fishing.

We saw on trail cam a small bear showed up on a bait spot that I had chosen. Then as luck would have it, we had a day and a half of strong wind and since water was our mode of transportation, we couldn’t get back to that bait to check the camera.

The wind dies down and on the next to the last day of our hunt, which was also next to last day of Bear season, we start checking all the baits. We saw one more small bear on a different bait, the bears seemed to be just starting to come in. The last bait we checked was the one where we had seen the first small bear.

As we were going into bait, I’m carrying my bow ready. As we get close to the bait I see through my Ares 10X42 binoculars that it’s a giant bear on the bait. He hears us, runs off a bit and then stops. Now picture this, we see the bear, the bear sees us. I know he’d never seen a human, he didn’t know what we were, but wasn’t happy about potentially giving up his bait. We dropped down and waited to see if he would come back to the bait.

He stayed where he was and was just so aggressive, swatting trees and stomping. Jason and I thought it would be best if Jason and Chad left in the boat, hoping the bear may think that danger was gone, leaving John and I in the field. Wrong. After Jason and Chad left, the bear circled around down wind and got above John and I and again started aggressively posturing towards us. He knew we were there. We had no firearm. I prepared for a defensive shot if we had to. After a few tense moments, the bear started moving away from us, and stopped long enough for me to get a quartering away shot at 28 yards. The bear went 20 yards and expired, swatting at trees, fighting until his last breath.

That capped off one of the most incredible hunts I have ever been on.

Thanks for the support

Gus Congemi
Live The WildLife TV

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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