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Athlon at O.F.A.S.T.S – Showcasing our Optics – Quick Video of the Grounds

Athlon Optics
From Aaron Michuad:
What a blast at OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show) yesterday (no pun intended lol) got to hang out with the Athlon gang and help represent a great product. It was a pleasure spending it with Matthew Denner Jeff Robertson Shane Bryan and Jaclyn Bryan James McAlester along with Pierce and many others.
The Athlon tent was busy all day and many of the contestants in sniper shoot were sporting Athlons. Athlon shooters represented well in the match with several high finishes including a 3rd by Jaclyn congrats.
If any event participants did not know about Athlon or hadn’t ever had a chance to get look through one I can promise they had them on their mind as they walked out the gate if they didn’t already have one in their hands.
#athlonnation toll-free: 1-855-913-5678
*Lifetime Unconditional & Transferable Warranty*
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Check out Athlon Optics for all of your optics needs. We have award winning quality binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, red dots, magnifiers and many accessories! Perfect for long range, precision shooting, air gun, hunting, predator hunting, law enforcement, tactical or just banging steel for fun!
You can’t beat the quality with the clarity of our glass with special lens coatings for a more vibrant image. Athlon Optics has got your back!

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