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Athlon Cronus BTR Rifle scopes review


“Here is my review about Athlon Cronus BTR rifle scopes but haven’t made any comments or my own until now.

A little about me. I don’t have any military service but greatly appreciate those who do.  I love target shooting and the personal protection that firearms provide. I compete in club level precision long range matches. This started about a year and a half ago.  I have tied for 1st overall and won the longer range portion. Hitting the mile target 3 of 3 shots with my 300 win mag and 338 lapua mag both savages one with a Burris XTR2 I geek out on scopes and firearms. Research and research until the cows come home. I am also a bang for the buck kind of guy as I work hard and when I spend money I want the most I can get for it.


I have now or have owned in the past vortex viper pst, burris xtr2, Steiner tx5i, primary arms platinum series and now an Athlon Cronus BTR rifle scopes.


cronus BTR

I have played with, fondled, turned, pulled, pushed, twisted and looked through many other scopes numerous times

The Athlon Cronus BTR, initial feelings, thoughts and observations. The packaging is very impressive and looks very cool. The scope is held in place better with foam. It didn’t come with a sun shade or caps which was a little disappointing but provides me the opportunity to buy the caps I want. I bought the sun shade separately.


I didn’t weigh the rifle scopes but it feels about like my Steiner and not as heavy as a razor gen 2. Good heft but not too much. Feels very well made like a razor gen 2 or nightforce. The Cronus is made in Japan like the Razor and ATACR. The size is smaller than a razor gen 2.


The focus and mag adjustments are very smooth and have just the right amount of tension. Reminds me of the Nightforce ATACR. The yardage range listed on the focus is spread over 180 degrees and goes up to 1600 yards.


The illumination is very good and daylight bright if needed. I hardly ever use this feature but it could be useful if you had a dark background.


The fast focus eye piece is fast. The reticle is fabulous and will work perfectly for me as I have moved in the direction of holding for wind and some elevation as well. I did by the Mil version.


The glass blew me away. To my eye it is on par with my Steiner maybe even better in the CA department as I can’t seem to see any. It does darken up at the higher mag levels but all my scopes do that.  We are splitting the hairs of a hair here. It’s great glass and doesn’t disappoint.


I think some money was saved on the turret design and put into the glass. The turrets remind me of a BMW interior. Not as fancy as other luxury brands but nice, well made and gets the job done. That comment is about the appearance of the turrets and a lack of locking turrets. The numbering could be bigger but I am kinda picky like that. The turret adjustments are audible, tactile and have just about perfect tension in my mind with no mush or squishy movement. I love them. My Steiner turrets are pretty stiff but I love their numbering system. I would say the closest feel on a competing scope to the Cronus would be the ATACR turrets.

Bottom line for me is this scope seems to be the best bang for my buck I have spent on a scope. I almost bought a used razor gen 2 or a used ATACR. But they were still more money and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more when the Athlon was staring me in the face. And that extra money could go for ammo!

By PDX1760 from Sniper’s hide”

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