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Athlon Optics Pro Staffers Take Aim at King of 2 Miles

Is there a limit to how far we can shoot? King of 2 Miles aims to find out! Top shooters and spotters gather every year to test the limits of extreme long-range shooting. Exceptional teamwork, a scientific approach to shooting, paired with top-end equipment is making first round impacts past 1 mile possible.  As the name implies, these competitors are engaging targets out to 2 miles in timed competition in less than ideal conditions. Athlon Optics is proud to be represented at King of 2 Miles 2019. Meet the teams using Athlon Optics!

Bill Carlton

“I’ve been involved in the shooting for the past 38 years and shooting has always been a passion of mine. Much like many others, I started shooting with my father at the age of 10 using a Remington pump action 22lr rifle which was given to him by his dad. The smell of burnt gun powder I think is where it all started. In my teenage and adult years I had the honor of being a part of the United States Army. My jobs in the military allowed me to shoot as well as be proficient with many different weapon systems and small arms. Later on in my civilian life I discovered I still had a large passion for shooting not only pistols, shotguns but rifles as well. Bill Carlton King of Two Mile

Immediately after returning from a deployment in Iraq, I was heavily involved in the firearms training industry for 8 years. During that time had the honor to take a course that I not only felt I could learn from but would very much enjoy. That course was instructed by some of the best there was in the firearms training industry. Their names were Jeff Kyle, Ryan Matjeka, Brady Cervantes and John Wayne Walding. The course was a Basic Long Range Precision Rifle Course. It was designed to instruct the average rifle shooter to not only begin to read wind but also teach a basic understanding of Dope and Data and included that your rifle was set up right to make long range impacts at distances up to 1000 yards consistently. At the time I was using a Savage 308 Winchester heavy barrel and my custom hand loads that was a very close comparison to the M118 sniper round using a 175 grain Nosler Custom Competition bullet and Nosler 308 Winchester brass with match primers.

In the summer of 2016, I had been invited to attend an ELR (extreme long range) match in Raton New Mexico called the King Of Two Miles at the NRA Whittington Center. In that match I shot a custom 300 Winchester Magnum and ended up placing 10th over all. I got to be honest, I was very much hooked indeed. By the was in that match I was very much out gunned! Why I say that, is I was shooting against such caliber as 338’s, 375’s, 408’s and 50 calibers. Since then, I’ve shot this match every year and will be returning this year with a brand new 375 Cheytec custom I personally designed, nothing fancy, however I’m very proud of it and how it’s performing.

Atop of this new custom Cheytec is an amazing piece of glass. A Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56, 34mm main tube first focal plane MOA reticle. This optic in my opinion is top of the line hands down not to mention it has has great reviews by big name and respected long range shooters/instructors. Myself and Caleb Stafford (spotter/wind coach) have been working very hard in many areas developing or skills to be competitive not only during practice session but at the reloading bench. Caleb, much like myself, learned to shoot at a very young age and has done an amazing job spotting for me. In the spring of 2017 he and I formed G7 Precision Rifle Team. If there is one thing that we both have learned, there is no “I” in team. Without a good spotter/wind coach, anyone in competition rifle shooting especially ELR, hasn’t a chance, the shooter has to trust his spotter.

Thank you Athlon for all your help and guidance! Please keep up the good work and great customer service not to mention outstanding products for the shooting community.”

Jaclyn Bryan

Jaclyn has been shooting in the Precision Rifle Series for two years. In her first year she took home First place in the Production division with a stock Savage. Last year she made it to the finale and placed very well with some of the best shooters in the country.

Jaclyn Bryan King of Two MileIn her spare time she shot a few Extreme Long Range matches with her husband, Shane, and was surprised to place well at those events. Because of those top finishes she was invited to shoot King of Two Miles this year.

She’ll be shooting a .375 Cheytac provided by Conway Lead Distributors in an XLR chassis with a Phoenix bipod. She’s using Cutting Edge Bullets 377gr MTACs, Peterson brass, and Hodgdon powder for her rounds. And to top it all off, her favorite Athlon: the Cronus BTR in a SPUHR mount.

Shane will be her spotter during the 3 day event this weekend. She’s excited to see how she’ll do!

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