Best Binocular Under $300

Best Binoculars Under $300

By Binoculars Guru

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Are you wondering which are the best binoculars for the money ??? I was also in that dilemma. For that reason, I and our Binoculars Guru Experts tested 50 different binoculars under different price segment and come to a conclusion that these 11 best binoculars will be great for your hard earned cash!

For information on the newest version of the Midas, check out the

Midas G2 UHD.

Design and build

The Athlon Midas 8X42 is a binocular with a unique design. Its two barrels have specially designed grooved areas for improved grip. In regards to dimensions, this pair of binoculars measures 6.5 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches and weighs a meager 1.54 pounds.

Thus, just like the Hawke Endurance this Athlon model is a small and compact binocular. Also, similar to the Endurance the Midas’ body constructed from lightweight aluminum. Overall, I have no complaints about this binocular’s portability and compactness.

The objective lens

One of the Midas’ best features is its objective lens. Unlike other binoculars in its price range, the Midas’ objective lens made from extra-low dispersion glass. This type of glass improves light transmission and minimizes glare, thus producing sharp and high-resolution images.

Fully multicoated optics

Astonishingly, this binocular has fully multicoated optics. This means that all exterior glass surfaces feature an anti-reflection coating.

Athlon uses an XPL coating on all the binocular’s lenses. The Bak-4 glass prisms are phase-corrected and also coated for maximum light transmission and resolution.

Ease of use and comfort

The Athlon Midas has an extra-large center focus wheel, which turns effortlessly. Personally, I love wearing gloves while on a hunt, so the binocular’s large focus knob was a big plus.

The binocular’s eyecups, on the other hand, can be twisted up and down for comfort. Moreover, the binocular has a relief of 17.2 mm, which I found to be a pretty decent for a binocular in its price range.

One of the things I love about the Athlon is the 426 ft field of view, which is arguably the best in its class.

2 Responses to “Best Binocular Under $300

  • Thank you Dustin for this article. I’ve been looking for a pair that I can use occasionally for spotting animals and maybe for bird watching too. I really want something that is light and easy to carry as well as easy to use. I’m not brand focused so that plays no part for me.
    What would you recommend for me say in the $350 range?

    • The Midas G2 10x42mm UHD would be a great fit. It’s the second from the top in our line up, retailing right at $300. The next step up is the Cronus 10x42mm which includes an edge to edge flattening system, but also adds additional weight and price. If you’re really wanting to save a couple ounces, the Midas G2 fits the bill.

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