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“bhoges” – Review & Tracking Results of Argos BTR & Talos BTR Rifle Scopes:

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I’ll be honest I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing Athlon optics. I’m an optics snob and all my rifles sport Vortex Razors, AMG, Nightforce NSX, Swarovski and Zeiss. I just believe you get what you pay for. Doug asked me to review two Athlon scopes for him. (Argos BTR 6-24×50, Talos BTR 4-14×44) Last weekend I mounted both of these up to my 6MMBR. This is my most proven rifle. Over the summer I shot a 5 shot group at 600 yards that was 1.5 inches. Yeah I don’t believe it myself. Gotta love Bartlein barrels!!! For testing I purchased several Boxtobenchprecision targets. This allow for tracking tests on scopes as well as load development. You have the ability to run a scope up 7.5 mils.

First off, I’m a huge fan of first focal plane optics. I was in a rush and never bore sighted either of these scopes. Each scope took only 3 shots to get zeroed. (Nightforce rings help, use good rings!!) Nothing like having the turrets match the reticle. I started off at 100 yards to test the tracking first. I ran both scopes up to match the spots of the targets. First was 1.5 mils and the last was 7.5 mils. For a total of 5 points of impact. Once I reached 7.5 mils and cranked them back down to my initial zero. To my surprise it worked. Next I conducted a box test with the same results. Clarity means nothing if a scope won’t track. With my tracking concerns out of the way I moved on to the features. The turrets are very positive and have a nice audible sound. The parallax and power rings are very tight but I imagine they will loosen over time. One thing about the parallax that I really like is that they focus down to 10 yards. I shoot a lot of small bore and air rifle. Most scopes can’t focus close and its very limiting. At work we have a 23 yard range. It makes shooting with most scopes tough. My career is as firearms examiner for a major city. At my local range we can shoot out to 200 yards. I was able to decern 6mm bullet holes at 100 and 200 yards with the 24x Argos. With the Talos being 14x it wasn’t possible past 100 yards. The Mil reticle is perfect its not overly busy. So many scopes have too much going on and you get lost. Both optics have lit reticles but aren’t bright enough for day time use. Not a issue but just like to state that fact. With each scope I shot approx 50 rounds from 100 to 200 yards.

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I don’t want to get into comparing these scopes to others on the market or get into resolution charts ect. For the price your getting the best bang for your buck. I don’t know of any scopes in this price range with all these features. Every company has to start from somewhere. I truly believe we will be seeing a lot more from them in the near future. I remember when Vortex was new to the market just look at them now. Over the next few months Ill get more time behind them to get more input. My next range trip will be my other club that I can shoot out to 700 yards. I plan on really putting them though the paces there. No drop test like the other guys on the forums. They are too subjective and I love my rifles too much to hurt them. I do all my own paint work so it would kill me. As many of you guys know Doug and the guys over at Cameraland are stand up guys. I’ve known Doug for maybe 18 years now. He keeps bringing excellent pricing and new products for us. I think this is a great addition to his inventory. Having his store so close to my house is good and bad. I walked in a few times to say hi and walked out with new toys. Last purchase was the Lecia Geovid deal he got us. I need to do some more overtime to make up for my Optics addiction.


Testing Procedure

Before I conducted my test I confirmed the scope was mounted level to the rifle and also made sure the rings are perfectly aligned using a 30mm scope lapping bar. Next the target was leveled so I knew that the scopes would tract perfectly level as well. Too many guys overlook small steps like this. Once everything was good I torqued the scope ring capped and crossbolts. I used a Nightforce base and 30mm rings. So to test the scopes I started with a 100 yards zero. Using Box To Bench Precision targets I cranked the scopes up to various MILS. (1.5,3, 4.5, 6, 7.5) and took shots at each spot. The tracking worked perfect. Next I went down 7.5 MILS to my 100 yard zero. Next I conducted a box test on an 18 inch square. The final outcome was shots placed perfectly in the original point of aim. For an impact test I dropped the butt of the rifle on the concrete 6x from a height of 6 inches. Same results no POI shift. Im not beating on my rifle or the optic beyond that like guys did for the Tract optic test. Like I stated earlier for its price Athlon makes some great budget scopes. Today Im getting a Benjamin Maunder to mount it to. Ill do some small game hunting with it and get some further testing done. Patiently awaiting FED EX now!!!!

PROS: Loaded with features
They work!

CONS: Honestly my only complaint is the stiff power and parallax rings


PS: keep in mind the winds were brutal the day of testing. 20-25 mph so some shots were slightly off. The small group target was done later when the winds died down.

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  • Totally agree with your review with one other small complaint. Eye relief at 3.3″ makes it a bit scary on my larger caliber rifles. Bought this scope to mount on my 300 WM patriot that I bang around the woods looking for Pigs. I ended up swapping my PST on my Savage in 6.5 CM and it’s a perfect fit.

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