David Surpasses 1 Mile with Argos BTR 6-24X50 Riflescope

Avid shooter David Orrill & Argos btr ffp 6-24×50 riflescope:

Rocking my new Athlon Optics 1000 yard club shirt. Getting out past a mile with my Tikka t3x in 300 winmag topped with the Athlon Argos btr ffp 6-24×50 riflescope in the MDT LSS Chassis.

I think I can stretch my current rifle & riflescope set up out to 1850 or 1900 yards. I am getting ready to change my 20moa base out for a 40moa base and I should have no problem getting out to well beyond 2k with my current rig.

Shooting 208gn hornady eld match at 2750fps. This was a 3rd round impact at 1810 yards in 10 mph winds. The Balloons on the target popped on impact.

Athlon Optics Argos BTR Riflescope performed great! 

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