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Dirk: When my Ares BTR RifleScope arrived I was immediately surprised…Its built like a tank!

Dirk Vandervaart

I got an ARES BTR rifle scope after much research, but with a little trepidation never having seen or handled one. Back in my government days I had SB, UO and NF scopes. When my Ares BTR Rifle scope arrived I was immediately surprised by the heft of it. Its built like a tank.

Contrary to many reviews, I found the turret clicks to be audible and tactile, albeit a bit looser than the really expensive glass. The images are incredibly bright and clear and everything about this scope seems really well thought out. I haven’t had much time behind the gun with it yet but I’m sure its gonna be awesome! I’ll report further.

Now that its on the gun, I’m itching to go shoot! Great product and I really hope it does what I think it can do.

Check out the Ares BTR rifle scope:

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