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Newest Rex Reviews | Athlon Ares ETR | Full Review

Rex States: “The story of how the precision rifle optics market is changing… there are now top notch options available for folks on a budget. Very interesting.”

Athlon Optics, I think we impressed Rex! Check out his full review of the Ares ETR……



2 Responses to “Newest Rex Reviews | Athlon Ares ETR | Full Review

  • John Howell
    2 years ago

    Looking at schmidt and bender, nightforce, and vortex HD razor. I bought a athlon argos for a 308 truck gun and was amazed with the glass and how well it tracked. I’m now considering athlon for my 338 lapua. I curious how well they track and durable they are for ultra long range shooting. What do you suggest? Or should I keep looking at the more renowned reticles

    • Rex’s tracking test speaks for itself. That being said, I run the Cronus BTR on a 40 MOA rail. Pushing a 30 Cal 225 gr bullet to roughly 3100 FPS, I’ve done quite well out to 2640 yards. Yes, 30 cal at 1.5 miles. The scope tracks flawlessly and has done great on this light class elr setup!

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