Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56 APRS FFP IR MIL Rifle Scopes

Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56 APRS FFP IR MIL UHD


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  1. Jesse

    I love this riflescope crystal clear all the way to 29 power. Compared it to my vortex gen 2 R this Cronus BTR was a bit clearer when observing a target at 1100 yard . This scope is absolutely wonderful for the price

  2. Schur Firearm Sales

    My son and I have been shooting the Cronus BTR riflescope at PRS events all season and love the product. Chrystal clear and the MILs are dead on and track true from windage and elevation adjustments. Zero stop works perfectly. Thanks Athlon!

  3. Mark Kranz

    Fantastic scope and competes with top tier scopes at a much more affordable price point. Nice crisp and clear glass with zero chromatic aberration, tracking is spot on, turret clicks are crisp, positive, audible and tactile. The illumination is true daylight bright (best I've seen other than my Aimpoints) and the parallax knob and magnification lever rotate smoothly. I still have to put some more time behind it, but so far it is right there with my Razors, Atacr F1, IOR's, etc. Also, Athlons customer service is top notch and they are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend you try them out!

  4. Kenny woods

    ok Here is my review of the athlon cronus btr scope so far. I am comparing it to my vortex razor hd amg 6x24x50mm ffp scope. It’s retail is 2500.00 and a fine scope at that. I kept hearing how clear and good the athlon scopes were so I took a chance and glad I did. Comparing the two scopes side by side far as clarity and sharpness the athlon actually edges out the razor amg. It actually kind of made me sick at my stomach a 700.00 less scope is out performing the more expensive scope. Now the razor amg has a few features that the Cronus doesn’t like locking turrets and illumination seams a little better if you use this sort of thing I usually do not. Now the magnification the razor looks almost as magnified at 24 as the Cronus does at 29 at far distances they look almost the same on max magnification between them but you can see better and a little clearer on the athlon cronus btr. Now far as tracking it has been spot on and it’s held zero so far. Only complaint is I really think a 1800.00 should come with lens covers and a sunshade but comparing to a scope at 700.00 more. You can purchase a set of lens and a sunshade for less than a 100.00 and I wish you hey had locking turrets although the zero stop is nice and easy to set as well as turrets have good resistance and audible clicks when turning it. This scope is a real deal for a tier 1 quality scope. Thanks

  5. Chris McInnis

    After seeing the improvements made on the second gen Midas and the world class service I had received I once again pulled the trigger. I now have the new Cronus BTR sitting on top of my RPR. My local range only goes out to 500 meters. Before all I could see were white medal gongs. But now I can see that those gongs are actually life size rabbits and chickens.

    I'm very happy with my Athlon and plan on using them in the future for other builds. Keep up the good work guys and don't lose focus on where you started!

  6. William

    Great optic. Feels well built. Magnification adjustment is very smooth with just the right amount of tension. Focus knob is the same, smooth and tension is good. Love the reticle in Mils. Glass blew me away, competes above it's pay grade for sure. The turrets are tactile and audible, I love the feel. Unfortunately no locking turrets but not a dealbreaker for me. Not too heavy but not a lightweight either. Lighter than a razor gen 2. The CA is nearly non existent for my eye. Does darken slightly at full magnification but all optics I've used do the same or worse. Highly recommend this scope!

  7. Andrew Roberson

    The milrad version of the Athlon Cronus BTR is an excellent scope. I bought it sight unseen after looking at other high end scopes, and the value seemed too good to pass up. I was able to mount the scope on a Friday, zero on a Saturday morning at a local match and hit targets based off of known drops from 93.5 to 1096 yards using the turret system. The tracking was spot on. The turrets and glass are great, and the zero stop is so simple to use. I compared to scopes that cost twice as much and I don't feel like I am missing anything, but really feel like I got a great deal!

  8. Forest

    I use this scope in competitions a lot and get to compare it to nightforce, kahles, and vortex and I can honestly say I like this the best, straight forward design that is built to last and with some of the best glass in the world, would definitely recommend for a competition shooter or long range target shooter.

  9. Steve

    I have two of these. One on a savage 12fv in 223 and one on a savage ba 110 in 338 LM. Was able to accurately hit a 10" x 5" target at 1090 with each and I'm sure as my skill improved I could go much farther (with the 338)

    The scopes are great as is Athlon support

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