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Cronus 4.5-29×56 APLR FFP IR MIL


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  1. C. S.

    Purchased this Optic a few months back after some serious searching and comparison, and even though there was still not much feedback out there, what was there was positive in what I had found. So after much deliberation, and the examining of comparable Scopes in use at my local range firsthand, as well as due to the Features, Price range, and Warranty I decided to give the Cronus a go, and I am glad I did,,, I was truly Impressed.
    I mounted it via a Larue Tactical, zero MOA, unitized LT111 mount to a 50BMG, since the rail already had a built in 27 MOA.
    This Scope has clear glass, Illuminated Mil Reticle, First Focal Plane, Parallax/Side Focus Adjustment (Which works as it should), turrets are positive yet smooth with an elevation zero stop, and it's built like a Tank...
    This Scope is about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than most comparable Scopes with the same features yet slightly heavier. With the 50 I preferred the added few ounces for the sake of Durability over the slight weight savings. Over all a well built unit, which tested out perfectly at the range. Once zeroed, tracking was spot on and stayed that way. Time will be the test, but after three outings it has taken the brutal punishment a 50BMG which is notorious for destroying even slightly marginal Optics. There is virtually no meaner test platform than a 50 cal, and this Scope has passed the test, so I personally am very Pleased. I would Highly recommend this for those on a tight budget, or those who are no budget at all that just want an excellent value. Well Done!

  2. Witek

    I have used this product and I am very impressed. First off the scope is big a 56 mm objective lens has to have a big scope but, it gathers lots of light and the images are very clear. The zero stop is pretty easy to set up as opposed to other scopes that I have used in the past. Furthermore the illuminated reticle is a great bonus! The brightness selection is pretty impressive - from almost non visible in total darkness to bright enough to use in daylight. The 4.5 to 29 zoom is very versatile much more than the other scopes that I posses in this price range. The elevation and traverse mechanism tracks very well, it is very repeatable and so far very durable on a very large hard hitting magnum. When you compare this product with others in this category - Bushnell, Vortex etc... it stacks up very well but the price is much better. I am used to a H-59 reticle. This scope's reticle is similar but not as busy. I like the busy H-59 reticle due to the flexibility it affords me. But it's really a small issue.

  3. Forest Newberry

    I got this riflescope a few months ago and it has been awesome, I am a PRS match shooter and get to travel a lot and see all kinds of other riflescopes and compare side by side, scopes such as S&B PM2, GEN two razors, Khales,and nightforce, and the Athlon Cronus is just as good and even better AND at just a fraction of the price, one thing that is very appealing to me about this scope is that it is a perfect size coming in inches shorter and more compact than other comparable scopes, this is just a very well built scope and can't say enough good about it, if you buy one you will be very pleased. ~Forest Newberry

  4. Marcos Feliciano

    I had a Cronus Riflescope that was damaged prior to mounting it, either dropped by a store worker or was dropped as a demo unit. Unit was pretty obviously damaged and not a defect but it wasn’t holding Zero. Called customer service and they swapped it out with a working model. Their team helped me through the whole process, they had a guy that handled my case and followed up with me through the whole process, I had a hunt to go on that I needed this scope for and he reached out to me multiple times to ensure I would get my scope back before my hunt. Awesome experience, awesome glass, awesome company.

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