Helos BTR 8-34×56 APLR2 FFP IR MOA


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  1. Justin

    Ordered this scope after hearing about athlon at that point I'd never heard of them after many many hours of research and debating between this and vortex I made the jump due to price point when I got it was very nicely packaged I comepaired it to a friends vortex 6-24 seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of the vortex turrets are very large track properly and have loud audible clicks as well of feeling positive the locking turrets are why I choose this model and I don't think I will regret my choice and most likely with choose more athlon optics

  2. Dion White

    Definitely the best scope for the money. After purchasing the scope I'm a huge fan!! So I bought 2 of them one for Ruger precision rifle 6.5 Creedmoor one for Ruger precision rifle in 308.

  3. Jason Neal

    After a long time of reviews and pros and cons I decided to pull the trigger on this helos 8-34x56 and I am in love. Definitely did not go wrong with tell the features it gives at the price point. Everything performs flawlessly, great glass clarity. Zeroed my 6.5 creedmoor and did a tall test and it was dead on 1/8”off over 300 yards. Been hitting my 16” gong and 1000 yards with ease. I would definitely tell you to buy one because I will be buying another few.

  4. Rob

    I ran this scope for about 2 years in and FPR matches. Performed flawlessly. I found at longer distances the cross hairs were to course and my target would be lost behind the cross hair.

    This year I switched over to an Argos BTR 10-40 with a smaller center reticle point and my scores quickly went up 10+ points.

  5. D. Royko

    I am still new to this scope, but I am impressed! It is clear, I love the parallax adjustment, and it has held zero on the Weatherby 6.5 Creedmoor I have it mounted on. I am not a competition shooter, but I do shoot a lot. This scope has definitely performed well.

    I killed my first deer with it a few days ago, and one thing I hadn't counted on that I found to be fantastic was how fast my eye focused on the the small crosshair in the middle of the reticle. There is a 1 MOA gap between the center and the rest of the crosshairs, and I didn't pay very much attention to it at the range. When the deer stepped out of the trees, and I quickly shouldered and aimed at it, that separate little "cross" ended up capturing my focus, and I was able to aim very quickly--that's all she wrote for that buck. It was quick and accurate.

    Great Scope--I am going to buy another one.

  6. Richard

    April 21 at 2037 i sent an initial email reporting my athlon helos had developed black specs in the focal field

    April 22 at 0553 i received a reply and form to fill out telling me to fill out and send for warranty check

    April 27th I mailed the scope fully expecting this to be the "normal" who knows how the hell long warranty service experience

    April 30 scope arrived olathe in the am

    April 30 at 1453 I sent an email query asking about average turn around time expecting to use a spare scope for a hunt I have approaching

    May 1 at 1128 I received a reply from athlon telling me they received mine and had already mailed me a new scope AND gave me the ups tracking number

    May 5 just before noon, my doorbell rings and ups puts my new scope in my hands

    UNBELIEVABLE customer service by athlon. The scopes are excellent but the service alone is well worth the money spent purchasing an athlon.

    I have taken the new one to the range, mounted and zeroed. I am getting sub 1/4" groups with this scope on top of my savage stealth using 178gr hornady precision hunter.

    I am beyond satisfied

  7. Ron Vandermoon

    I purchased two of the Helos models, 8-34x56 for my 6.5 Creedmoor Christensen, and a 6-24 for my .308 Savage.

    I got this setup for the 6.5 Creedmoor to try for my 1 Mile chip at the Clinton House Plantation Range next year. I have high expectations of success with this scope.

    The eye relief took a while to get used to, but the scope is quite clear.

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