Talos 6-24×50 BDC 600 IR

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If you ask any hunter they’ll probably tell you they have filled more tags in the low-light hours than any other time. With that said, it would be wise to design a scope to excel in early-morning and late-evening light. With the Talos scope with Athlon Advanced multi-coated lenses for clarity and brightness in low light, you’ll be able to add precious minutes to every hunting day. These scopes, with their 4X magnification range, will give you great versatility whether you are hunting whitetails in the dense southern pine forest of Georgia, or prairie dogs on the wide open ranges of Wyoming.  With one-piece tube design, the Talos line includes an assortment of specialty scopes for big-game, varmint, MSR’s, 22 rimfire, slug, black powder, and turkey hunting.

This Talos 6-24×50 Model has BDC 600 IR second focal plane illuminated reticle in it. Please click the link to see the subtension of the reticle.

The BDC600 IR reticle will work with any of the following ammunition loads: .223 Win 55gr / .243 Win 95gr / .25-06 Rem 115gr / .270 Win 130gr / .270 WSM 150gr / 7mm Rem Mag 150gr / 7mm WSM 150gr / .300 Winchester Mag 180gr / 300 WSM 180gr / .308 Win 150gr / .338 Win 200gr





Illuminated Reticle The illuminated reticle provides greater visibility during dusk and dawn and other low ambient light environment.
Etched Glass Reticle Reticle etched on the glass that provides excellent backing support for complex reticle design and offers great durability and much higher shock resistance to recoil
Fully Multicoated Fully Multicoated optics effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter image than normal single coated lenses
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Aircraft Grade Aluminum provide extra strength and durability to handle the toughest terrain and offers lifetime of use.
Heat Treated One Piece Tube Construction Heat treated one piece tube gives the scope extra strength over multi-piece tubes. A one piece tube also is better at keeping moisture out thus keeping your scope fog proof for the life of the product
Waterproof Waterproof to protect the scope in the harshest weather conditions or if accidently submerged underwater
Fog proof Fog proof to allow you to immediately engage your target when you take your rifle to cold ambient temperature from warm inside
Shockproof Robust mechanical system with special designs on both control and erector system that give you the ultimate recoil resistance to withstand 1000G recoil for 1000 times.
Nitrogen Purged Nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and helps maintaining fogproof and waterproof.



Magnification 6-24
Objective Lens Diameter 50 mm
Reticle  BDC 600 IR
Surface Finish Matte
Lens Coating Wide Band Fully Multicoated 
Tube Material Aircraft grade aluminum
Tube Diameter 1 inch
Exit Pupil  8.2-2.1 mm
Eye Relief 3.03-3.11 inches
Field of View @100 yards 16.8-4.5 feet
Click Value 0.25MOA
Adjustment range per rotation 15MOA
Total Elevation Adjustment 50MOA
Total Windage Adjustment 50MOA
Turret Style Capped
Parallax Adjustment Side Focus – 10 yards to infinity
Purging Material Nitrogen
Length 13.9"
Weight 23 oz
Reticle Subtension Validity 18x
User Instruction Manual Download
Reticle Manual  Download

7 reviews for Talos 6-24×50 BDC 600 IR

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    For the price you will not find anything with this many features!! The build quality is amazing and optical clarity is excellent in it’s class, the one and only draw back is the eye relief but that’s a given due to it’s price and magnification. I would highly recommend this scope (and company) to anyone looking for high quality optics at an affordable price.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first Athlon scope I have purchased in order to give this company a try. I tend to use Leupold and Vortex, but Athlon offers a lifetime warranty and other features at a cheaper cost than those two.

    I placed this scope on my 54R VEPR rifle to give it a try, along with some cheap rings I had laying around, and I was very happy with the way it performed. That morning was very cold (around 40* F) and was a pretty good test to see the scope fogged up at all. It did not! My glasses would fog at times, but the scope was clear the entire time.

    Getting it dialed in on paper was not difficult at all, and can easily see targets at 100-200 yards (limited by local range). Obviously when you get towards the higher end of the magnification things get blurry, but keeping it around 12-16x offers me crisp enough visuals.

    So far after 150 rounds of 174 gr. 54R the scope hasn’t moved at all. Which is pretty good for me as a VEPR isn’t exactly a light recoiling rifle.

    Almost forgot it has an illuminated reticle!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Mounted this scope on a new 22-250 12fv savage with warne 1″ high rings. After 5 rds, I was ready to move out to 100 yds for zeroing. Was able to zero with next 5rds. Group was under an inch and the scope performed quite well. The illuminated reticle is not the brightest so I wouldn’t buy it for that purpose. The eyebox was comfortable. I had a Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 6-24 also with me and I preferred the Talos. The reticle is thin and would likely be good for varmint hunting. I did buy the sunshade to ensure I didn’t have mirage when shooting. I used the bds reticle out to two hundred with no issues but couldn’t go further since it was a 200yd range. I’m likely going to sell the Bushnell and replace it with a Talos or maybe even another step up in the Athlon line. I think most users would be happy with this scope. It is still only a 200 dollar scope but performs I’m the 300-500 range imo.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    You just can’t do any better than Athlon. Just a brilliant product, with a brilliant warranty. Then we come to the price…which makes it unbelievable. A feature packed scope with a 6-24 zoom and a 50mm objective? Illuminated reticle? Paralax adjustable? Under $200?!?! Just unreal folks. I’ve hunted and guided for big game here in CO for over 2 decades now. I’ve had Zeiss, Leica and several other high end scopes…and they’re great. But these folks…these Athlon folks…did something real special. They gave us a high quality optic for an unbeatable price, with unbeatable service. Please buy their scopes so they stick around!!!!! Great job Athlon, just great.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    Eli S

    Ok here’s what i think about this scope. Crystal clear couldnt ask for it to be any better.
    I did have to buy extra high mounts to get it mounted properly.
    Not blaming the scope on this but had to adjust alot to the right almost maxed out to get centered at 100.
    I mounted this on a savage axis 308. Sighted in my rifle and my wife sighted in hers no issues. Bear season comes no issues both shot a bear. Deer season she gets out her other rifle i opt to keep using my 308. Missed four times went to the range 9 inches low foot to the right. I didn’t bump or drop my rifle. Picked up my wifes rifle and hers was a bit off but not near as much as mine. Sighted back in no issues rest of season. I havent shot it since so i dont know if its back off again or not.
    I have a friend who has the same exact scope he turned me onto them. Granted his is on a way higher quality rifle then mine and if he was reading this would say ive had no issues with mine whatsoever and i shoot over a 1000yrds in a 2 inch group. So when purchasing this my suggestion buy it i do believe this is a very good scope and im sure if i could rewind id find something other then the scope to blame for being off.
    I havent looked but would recommend purchasing a sunshield as it does get a hit of glare.
    Not Helpful

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dustin Thomas

    Great scope super clear holds zero! I have thos on my ruger 308 and its awsome!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dustin at Athlon Corporate gave me a great amount of time helping me understand the subtensions of my new Athlon 6x24x50 scope. Wow, what a great resource of information. Seems like Athlon will be my new “go to” based on the customer support from Dustin. I’m sure once I have digested all the shared info, I will be a much more skilled reloader and shooter. Not bad for an old guy at 72 to learn so much in a short conversation. Thank you, Dustin

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