Rifle scopes Review: Athlon Cronus BTR

This is a review from USMC308 on Sniper’s hide

“Have not done one of these rifle scopes review in many years. My last time was with a top tier scope manufacturer back in 2003 or 04.

After reading some feedback for rifle scopes in another thread, I decided it was time to do one today. Now I assumed that in today’s day and age, with the high degree of precision in the computer integrated machinery, a failed test should not be happening, nor should it be acceptable to the consumer for a rifle scope.

Rifle : 6.5 CM Bergara Premier LRP re-barreled with a 27” Hawk Hill M40/24 contour 1/8
Rifle Scope : Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56 Mil/Mil
Ammunition : Hornady Match 140gr ELD Match (Factory)
Laser Rangefinder : Sig Kilo 2200 MR

Light wind, 90 degree day in Central Texas

Made Tall Target according to directions, placing an orange dot on zero and 10 mil (36 inch) marks.

I ran 2 separate tests for this scope using new marks on the target. Test Target 1 was 3 rounds at each setting (zero and 10 mils). Test Target 2 was 2 rounds at each setting (zero and 10 mils). I dialed up and down 10 mils after each shot.

Lazed target, took distance from turret to target. Here’s where the fun begins. On a dark target, a reading of 102.6 yards was consistently recorded. On my white target, a reading of 102.0 was consistently recorded. I did not have access to a 300 ft tape measurer hence I’ll do 2 sets of calculations.


Expected POI using 102.6 yards : 102.6 yards X 10 mils X 0.03599 (constant) = 36.9 inches

Expected POI using 102 yards : 102 yards X 10 mils X 0.03599 (constant) = 36.7 inches

Target 1 Actual POI : 37.1 inches

Target 2 Actual POI : 37.0 inches

Results for Target 1 : 102.6 yards (expected POI / actual POI) 36.9/37.1 = .9946 error of less than half of 1%
Results for Target 2 : 102.6 yards (expected POI / actual POI) 36.9/37.0 = .9973 error of a quarter of 1%

Results for Target 1 : 102 yards (expected POI / actual POI) 36.7/37.1 = .9892 error of slightly over 1%
Results for Target 2 : 102 yards (expected POI / actual POI) 36.7/37.0 = .9919 error of slightly under 1%

Conclusion : Tracking is Good To Go. Oh, I need a level on my rifle too as it looks like, I cant.

cronus BTR

By USMC308


2 Responses to “Rifle scopes Review: Athlon Cronus BTR

  • Frederick
    8 months ago

    Thank You Sir for taking the time to lay some results on to page.
    Semper Fi

  • Wesley Meyer
    7 months ago

    If someone from my beloved Corps believes in this, then who am I to argue?

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