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A Field Guide to Spotting Scopes

A Field Guide to Spotting Scopes


Welcome to Athlon’s spotting scopes field guide! The article links located above will give you an overview into how a spotting scope can benefit you. 

Spotting Scope vs Binoculars

A pair of binoculars is a versatile part of any outdoor enthusiasts kit. Light weight and compact binoculars are easy to carry all day. However, when every detail matters, a spotting scope will help you differentiate small details. Whether you are checking a species off your birding life list, looking for a broken x-ring, or counting tines on your next harvest. Increased magnification and image resolution combine to make an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiasts kit.

Product Technologies


ApoChromatic Lens System

Provides images with greater contrast, sharpness and color definition

Advanced fully multicoated

Advanced FUlly MUlti-Coated Lenses

Reduces reflected light, giving you a brighter, sharper image.

BAK 4 prism


Produces an image with little or no chromatic fringe.

magnesium chassis

Magnesium chassis

Strength of a metlal chassis while reducing weight 35%

Which Model Is Right For You?

Entry Level


A lightweight composite chassis paired with Silver Coated prism and Fully Multi-Coated lenses.  Performs well outside its price point compared to competitors in this category.

Afforable HD


Clarity takes on a new meaning with Athlon's introduction to High Definition Advanced Fully Multi-coated lenses. Designed as a first step towards serious glassing.



One of the most versatile spotting scopes in Athlon’s lineup. Ultra High Defintion extra-low dispersion lenses and a compact chassis make this the perfect spotter for long hikes.

Ulltimate High-Def

Cronus UHD

Get the most out of UHD extra-low dispersion lenses with dual focus adjustments. An apochromatic lens system increases contrast, sharpness and color.

Frequently asked questions

Your Athlon Optics product warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Athlon will also repair or replace, at no charge to you, your product if you should damage it through normal use. No receipt needed, no registration required. 

Athlon Optics was foudned on a single principle. Provide quality optics at an afforable price. Get the features you need at up to a 30% savings! 

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