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Prostaffer Travis Walla Makes His Way to Las Vegas for the NRL 22 Finals

The NRL22 2019 Championships are set to take place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year Travis Walla is representing Athlon Optics with the Ares ETR on a Vudoo Gun Works 22 LR. With an expected turnout of 120 shooters, this match is the highlight of the 2018-2019 NRL 22 season.

NRL 22 2018 Nationals had a strong Athlon Optics turn out with 41% of the competitors running a Athlon Optic Rifle Scopes.  Athlon Argos BTR, Midas TAC, Are ETR and Cronus BTR are quickly becoming favorites in these competitions. Many of these models perform admirably in 22LR ELR events as well.


Using the same Vudoo Gun Works rifle and Ares ETR, Travis Walla also competes in 22 ELR competitions. As a competitor at the World’s Longest Shot Challenge 22 ELR match, Travis took first place in the inaugural match with hits on target out to 580 Yards. Travis embraced this quickly growing segment of the 22LR competitive scene, helping to promote it at his home-range at Valdina Ranch in Texas.

Not only is Travis an outstanding NRL 22 competitor, he also competes in PRS matches as well big-bore extreme long range matches. Typically competing in the .375 and larger division, Travis engages targets at over 2 miles!

Prostaffer Travis Walla

Photo Credit to Long Range Shooters of SA

When it comes to rifle marksmanship, Travis Walla is a well-rounded shooter. From PRS and NRL22 positional shooting to big bore extreme long range events, Travis holds his own against an array of shooters from all walks of life.  Outside of competing, Travis is a huge asset to shooting community. His work with Valdina Ranch allows him to coordinate matches. Whether he is competing or directing a match, Travis still finds time to help those eager to learn. That is why we here at Athlon Optics value Travis Walla as an exceptional member of our prostaff team.

The whole staff here at Athlon wishes Travis the absolute best this weekend!

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