Mountain Range
Matt Bennett Dime Size Group

Customer Testimonial | Matt Bennett | Argos BTR | Dime Grouping

Customer Testimonial via Email to Athlon Optics, Significant Appreciation Shown after Dime size Group was achieved at 100 yards. After a warranty service.

Athlon Contest Winner Announced

Winner Announced for Athlon Daily Contest – Brief Interview

For the Month of February there was a Daily Contest 3 Video Entries per day were chosen from the Facebook...

1 Shot At 643 Yards

1 Shot At 643 Yards

It took 1 shot at 643 yards, dropped in his tracks. Thanks for some great optics to make my hunt successful.

3 year old son Jarvis shooting

Young Jarvis shooting the Ruger American 25-06

Via Facebook Messages August 18th, 2018 4:46PM James Rapley This is my 3 year old son Jarvis shooting the Ruger...

Athlon Optics: J.D. Stretches out the Argos BTR Rifle Scope at the Shooting Range

Loving the Argos BTR. Finally got to reach out a bit today, the range card is 200yd. Was able to...

Athlon Optics: Collin armed with Argos BTR 6-24X50 Rifle Scope & Tikka T3X combo stops this Big Buck!!!

Repost from Patrick McGahey: “Just got our scope a week ago. My son, Collin McGahey took this awesome whitetail in...

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