Mountain Range

22 LR Shooting Sports- NRL22 , NRL22X , 22LR ELR

The Equipment You Need to Succeed NRL22  NRL22X 22 ELR Where to Buy Most used NRL22 brand since 2018 Whether...

Logan and Madison Scouting Colorado

Mad Guy Outdoors Prepares for Bow Hunting Season

Our friends over at Mad Guy Outdoors are starting to get ready for this upcoming bow hunting season. Here’s what...

Getting Started in Shooting Sports

Want to become a better shooter? Want to learn something new? It’s time to branch out and find a new...

Winning at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

Winning at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

June 6th– June 9th, the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge brought 160 shooters from 14 different countries together for the largest...

Athlon Optics Supporting Young Shooters in Texas

Athlon Optics is proud to help sponsor the Texas Junior Rifle Team. The Texas Junior Rifle Team will receive 8...

RexReviews Athlon Ares ETR

Newest Rex Reviews | Athlon Ares ETR | Full Review

Rex States: “The story of how the precision rifle optics market is changing… there are now top notch options available...

Matt Bennett Dime Size Group

Customer Testimonial | Matt Bennett | Argos BTR | Dime Grouping

Customer Testimonial via Email to Athlon Optics, Significant Appreciation Shown after Dime size Group was achieved at 100 yards. After a warranty service.

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