22 LR Shooting Sports- NRL22 , NRL22X , 22LR ELR

The Equipment You Need to Succeed



22 ELR

Most used NRL22 brand since 2018

Whether you’re getting started, or looking to upgrade your current rifle, we are here to help. We’ve assembled 3 great articles to help you get started in your next passion. Already involved? Take a look below to see what equipment will help you reach your goals. 

Match Winning Features


Precision zero stop

Fast hard stop when returning to zero.

Advanced fully multicoated

Advanced FUlly MUlti-Coated Lenses

Increased light transmission and contrast helps you keep from loosing sight of targets in the middle of a stage.

xpl coating

XPL Lens COating

Extra protective layer guards against damage from dirt, oil and scratches on the roughest ranges

Fine reticles for precision shooting

Available in MIL/MIL and MOA/MOA configurations.

Which Model Is Right For You?

NRL 22


Argos BTR GEN2


All Around

Midas TAC HD

NRL22, NRL22X 22 ELR


Cronus BTR UHD

Frequently asked questions

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