Mountain Range
Sir Reginald McFuzzybottom, head of HR at Athlon Optics

Cinchy takes a trip to Athlon

Cinchy : Writes about his trip to Athlon. Friday at 8:36 AM From the Athlon Optics Real World Review Forum Featured In...

Another image of behind the block comparison

Review and Comparison from

Big Jim Fish has done some reviewing and comparison of our scopes and others on the Forum for Precision...

Cronus spotting scope - First look

First Look ?- Cronus Tactical Spotting Scope by Athlon Optics

Thank you. For your review on Snipers Hide. Thread starter Wiley Coyyote Start date Yesterday at 7:15 PM Original Post:...

1000 yard club giveaway rifelscope banner image

1000 Yard Club Giveaway!

Someone will win this Bergara B-14 HMR in 6.5CM. Film yourself using your Athlon rifle scope, making an impact at...

Aaron Michaud Recognized by BWF giveaway iamge

Aaron Michaud Recognized by BWF

Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting with Kids Foundation July 1 ·Facebook I want to thank Aaron Michaud with #AthlonOpticsEnthusiasts for...

3 year old son Jarvis shooting

Young Jarvis shooting the Ruger American 25-06

Via Facebook Messages August 18th, 2018 4:46PM James Rapley This is my 3 year old son Jarvis shooting the Ruger...

cronus BTR 1-6x24 rifle scope

Rifle scopes Review: Athlon Cronus BTR

This is a review from USMC308 on Sniper’s hide “Have not done one of these rifle scopes review in many...

cronus BTR 1-6x24 rifle scope

Athlon Cronus BTR Rifle scopes review

  “Here is my review about Athlon Cronus BTR rifle scopes but haven’t made any comments or my own until...

Rhett Butler's set up with Athlon Ares riflescopes

Rhett Butler shooting with Athlon Rifle Scope

Congratulations to Rhett Butler shooting 1100 yards with Athlon Rifle scopes. “For being a freshly sighted in package I’d say...

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